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FORTE Automatic Bandsaw


Make: Forte (West German)

Model: BA 251

Serial: 3516


Equipped with

Manual or Automatic modes

Automatic shuttling feed vice

Piece Counter for selectable shutoff

Number of strokes per/ cut counter

Auto shut off when out of material

Adjustable Roller Bearing Guides





Capacity Round -------------------------------- 10 rnd

Capacity Rectangular ------------------------- 10 x 12

Blade --------------------------------------------- 144 x 1 x .035

Blade Speeds ----------------------------------- Variable 70 225 ft/min

Feed per stroke of vice ---------------------- 0 to 16

Number of strokes per cut--------------------- unlimited

Feed Rate ----------------------------------------- Variable ca. 4-75 lbs

Motor: ------------------------------------------------ total 2 Hp 220/440/3ph

Overall Weight: ------------------------------------ 1600 lbs

Overall Dimensions: ------------------------------ 5 x 6 x 4 ht



Machine employs a hydraulic shuttling vise, which results in extremely accurate piece lengths. Metric execution of length, Bundling attachment possible is for automatic cutting of small stock, c/w Coolant system