CR Industrial Machine Works Ltd

1311 Spruce St, Campbell River, BC, V9W 3L6

Ph (250) 286-1175, Fax (250) 337-8951


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Machine Shop Inventory List July 2021 :

       Note that prices and inventory are subject to change and must be verified prior to purchase

Turning Machines





VDF 21 x 84 Heavy Duty Lathe


21"/32" x 80" centers, gap bed, 7.5 HP 18 - 900 RPM (18 speeds) C/W 12" 3jaw chuck, 18" HD Bergman (Swedish) 4 jaw chuck with 2pc jaws, 8" steady rest & 14" roller steady rest, follower rest, coolant, turret tool post PICTURE






Milling and Boring Machines


CINCINATTI MILLACRON Horizontal/Vertical Milling Machine

MK 207

12" x 50" table, 90 degree head option with quick change attachment arm, # 50 tapers horizontal and vertical, c/w coolant, programmable table cycle option, pendant controls, 28" long travel, 18.5" under spindle, 14" cross travel, programmable Millvision DRO, 13 Hp total PICTURE




COLLET & ENGELHARD Horizontal Boring Mill

BFc 125 nu

$58,000.00 c/w Tooling and accessories

5' X 10' Table Planner Style (15 Ton workload), 98" table travel X axis, 60" column travels Y & Z axis, 36" spindle travel W axis with 5 Nitride Hardened Spindle, Pendant control for all functions c/w Programmable Millvision DRO, Automatic locks all axis, Automatic lubrication, #50 Taper with power drawbar, ball screws, 22 HP DC variable drive control to spindle 0-1250 RPM (new 1992), Spindle threading, 36 Feeds, precision leveled on fixator leveling jacks




Drilling, Tapping and Threading Machines & Accessories


MAP Bench Drill


1/2 HP bench type drill press, 1/2" chuck, 1/2" drill capacity




KOLB HD Post Drill

KST 50


2 1/2" cap., 12" Quill slideway travel for production boring, clutched fwd/rev for tapping head use, c/w rotary table, coolant, light, 7.5 HP, #5 Morse taper PICTURE




KOLB 60" Radial Arm Drill Press

NKR 53


60" column - spi, 2 3/4" drill capacity, 7.5HP, c/w Electro Hydraulic clamping, column in column locking feature, power head traverse, Hydraulic on the fly speed/feed changes, 24 speeds, 12 feeds, box table, coolant PICTURE




Asquith Tapping Head


Adjustable clutch tapping head, 3/8" to 1 1/4" NF/NC, 1/8" to 1" NPT, c/w Drill Chuck & Morse taper holders in Fitted Steel Case



Precision Grinding Machines & Attachments


TOS Horizontal Surface Grinder


8" X 24" Magnetic Table with de-mag position, 10" x 1" wheel with 13 3/4" under wheel, Automatic Hydraulic feeds on 3 Axis .0001 to .0010 downfeed per pass, rapid traverse on Z axis, 6.25 HP, coolant c/w assorted wheels and diamond dresser PICTURE




TOS Universal Cylindrical Grinder with Auto Cycles

BHU 40/1000


17" x 48" Cylindrical Grinder, 20" x 3" wheel, fully automatic cycles, Hydraulic feeds/rapids, 3 steadies, Straight and Angle dressers, Drive dog set, Internal grinding spindle (req's mounting), 10HP on wheel head c/w assorted wheels, arbors and balancer. PICTURE




14" Lathe Grinding Attachment


12" x 2" Wheel c/w High Precision West German Grinding Spindle - 5HP 3 phase motor & switch, assorted wheels and flange adaptors



Slotting Machine and Auto Bandsaw


RAVENSBURG Tilting Head Slotter



12" stroke, 25" column to tool, 24" rotary table, 7 degree ram tilt option, clapper head option, central lubrication system to ram ways, indexing for cross feed (racks) & rotary feed (splines), rapid traverse and feeds to all axis c/w assorted spline form tooling and bars PICTURE




FORTE Automatic Bandsaw

BA 251


10" X 14" with variable auto length via a shuttling vise for consistent high precision cutting, bundled clamping possible, coolant, 12' x 1" blade, 3 HP, Hydraulic feeds, variable blade speeds



Handling Equipment


DEMAG 1/2 Ton Electric Hoist and Jib


Included in Building Lease

1/2 Ton Electric Chain fall Hoist, 14' reach wall mounted Jib Crane c/w trolley, pendant control, 220/440v/3ph - Services small Lathes, Slotter Kolb Post Drill and Cinci Milling Machine




DEMAG 1 Ton Electric Hoist and Jib


Included in Building Lease

1 Ton - 2 Speed Electric Chain fall Hoist, 14' reach wall mounted Jib Crane c/w trolley, 220/440/3ph, pendant control, services Hyd Shop Press and Work Bench




ABLE-HOWE 1 Ton Jib Crane

Included in Building Lease

1 Ton chain fall hoist and trolley, 360 degree swivel, 14 ft ht/ 14 ft reach Services steel racks and saw rollers, rear shop door and yard area.






Propane 6000# Cap Hydraulic Forklift, Pneumatic tires, 1 stage 17 hoist, 4'6" fork extensions


* Note - 5 Ton Overhead Bridge Crane is included in the building lease - Triple Net



Bench Grinders and Grinding Accessories



BALDOR Bench Grinder


Pedestal mounted, 6" Wheels, 1/2 HP, 110v/single phase






Double end PEDESTAL carbide tool grinder, 110v/ single phase c/w assorted spare wheels 6 flange mounted




14" PEDESTAL Grinder


14" X 2"wide wheels, 3HP 220/440/3ph/60cy c/w HD steel pedestal and base, coolant tray




Grinding Wheel Inventory c/w Steel Cabinet


30 + assorted Grinding Wheels of different grades/grits for the various grinding machines c/w various arbors for each machine



Indexing Equipment


TROYKE Electronic Rotary


Electronic indexing, 9" table, C/W control unit and stepping motor, 12" 3 jaw chuck, auto cycle controls (needs repair)




NEWS Dividing Head


Japanese Precision, 10" Swing, C/W 8" 4jaw chuck, tailstock, riser blocks and 3 index plates




M&M Rotary Table/Platten


Hydraulic drive horizontal/vertical rotary table, 2000 lbs capacity fitted with 3' x 3' Platten, air ride bearing, air locks, Hydraulic power unit with forward/reverse solenoids. Boring Mill Accessory



Measurement Tools and Equipment


Optical Tool Setting Station


Optical Tool Setter for Boring Bars, Insert Face Mills etc., fitted with a #50 Taper holder, adaptable to Morse taper or smaller milling tapers. .0001" resolution Boring Mill Accessory




MITITOYA 0"-12" Mikes


9 pc's Mikes (2"-5" Missing) .0001" increments c/w standards and a fitted wooden case




MITITOYA 12"-18" Mikes


12-18 " range, 2" steps, fitted wooden case with Standards




MITITOYA 18"-24" Mikes


18" - 24" mikes, 1" ranges, fitted wooden case with Standards




SHER-TIMCO 24-30 Mikes


Adjustable 24" - 30" 1" ranges, fitted wooden case with Standards



Welding Power Sources and Pattern Burner


HOBART 400 Amp DC Stick


400 Amp stick welder on steel stand with shelf under, C/W 100 ft cables, remote control cables, arc force controls, dual ranges




MILLER 450 Amp Wire

MP 45-E

450 Amp constant voltage wire welder on steel stand shelf under, C/W Linde mig pack portable feeder mounted on 14' wall hung Boom with 1 Ton Trolley under, cables, tank gauges, 12 Kg spools




MILLER 650 Amp Wire

MP 65-E


Constant Voltage Wire Welder, 650 Amps c/w S-54 4roll feeder mounted on mobile tank/machine cart, tank gauges, 25Kg spool holder & 15 Kg holder. 60' of welding cable for HD Air Arc applications.



Spray Welding Equipment




POWDER SPRAY UNIT in fitted case c/w custom Rolling Steel Cabinet & Bottle Cart for four of large Oxy/Acet tanks. Assorted Powder inventory used for Low Temperature Metalizing, Nylon and Zinc coatings etc.



Welding Support Equipment


Pipe Roll Stands - Pair


2 0f Pipe Roller Stands (approx. 6" steel wheels) on heavy steel base used for weld positioning




GULLCO Weld Rod Oven


0 - 550 Degrees variable temp control, 125 lbs cap., 1000 watts, 110v single phase




VICTOR/L-TECK Cutting Torches


Oxy/Acet regulators, 30' hose C/W cutting head, 3 brazing tips, rosebud tip, mounted on Tank Cart



General Shop Support Tooling and Equipment


Broach Set


3/8" to 1/2" Broach set in fitted wooden box c/w 15 Pc's guides




Face Mill Holders - Carbide Inserts


Carbide Insert Face Mills, 12" x 20-5/8" inserts positive rake, 8" x 8-3/4" inserts negative rake, 4" x 4-3/4" inserts, 3" x 6-1/2" inserts on # 50 Taper Adaptors




CAT50 NC Tool Holders (24+pc's)


24 + pc's Assorted end mill & drill bit holders, Complete set of hardened boring bars used on Boring Mill and Cinci Mill




DRILL SET c/w Steel Drill Cabinet


1/2" to 2" by 1/16, assorted to 3 1/2" some spades, specials and metrics mixed in




TOOLBIT Inventory c/w Steel Cabinets (2of)


Assorted inventory of Milling cutters, Taps, Lathe and Boring Mill tooling, Insert bits with over 20 various Insert Tool Holders, set Expansion reamers 15/16" to 2 7/32", assorted chucking reamers




HD Angle Plate Set


2'x3' & 1'x3' Angle Plates, 1 3/4" MS Plate Fabrication

Boring Mill Accessory




Universal Milling Head Attachment

#2 K&T

Boring Mill Attachment, 30" reach @ 90 degrees, Kerney Trecker Head, can be used fully Universal or Semi Universal for tight location internal milling, #40 Taper c/w Driver

Boring Mill Accessory




NAREX Boring Head VHU 125

VHU 125

#50 Taper shank, 4 3/4" facing slide, 4 feeds, 24" boring capacity, C/W bars, tooling, custom support plate to bore to 36 fitted wooden case




TOOLBIT Inventory c/w Steel Cabinets (2of)


Assorted inventory of Milling cutters, Taps, Lathe and Boring Mill tooling, End Mills to 2 , Woodruff selection, Insert bit Inventory c/w over 20 various Insert Tool Holders, set of Expansion reamers 15/16" to 2 7/32" with pilots, assorted chucking reamers,




Shop Hydraulic Press


70 Ton, 48 between frames c/w OTC Portable Hydraulic Power Pack and assorted Enerpac Cylinders used for teardown and assembly of projects








POWER HAND TOOLS c/w Steel Cabinet


Steel Cabinet 5'w x 4'h x 2'dpth c/w 3/8" B&D & 1/2" Makita Drills, Skill Saw, 1/2" & 1" HD Air Impact Guns, 5" and 9" Disk Grinders, 12 Ton & 20 Ton Hydraulic Jacks, 35 Ton Hollow Porta Power Jack, 15+ Gallons assorted painting inventory c/w air Paint Gun, Banding inventory etc.






Assorted slings fiber and steel cable, Comealong, Chain lifts, Wall mounted Shackle and Eyebolt rack c/w over 80pc's metric and english sizes,




Grinding Wheel Inventory c/w Steel Cabinet


30 + assorted Grinding Wheels of different grades/grits for the various grinding machines c/w various arbors for each machine




Electrical Spares c/w Steel Cabinet


Cabinet 3'H x 6'W x 1'6" depth - Assorted magnetics, switches, and spare Machine tool fuses and Inlet Box fuses




WELDING Inventory


Steel Welding Table 2.5' x 4' c/w 6" Vise & Bearing Mounted 10" 4 Jaw Weld Positioner Chuck, Welding and Plasma cutter tips and complete spares assortment for weld machines, spare gauges, revolving welding rod (fridge storage) and wire welding inventory etc.






2of Steel Shelf Units 2'w x 8'l x 6'ht c/w Papco pts kits for Set Screws, Cotter Pins, Snap Rings, Woodruff Keys, Spring Pins, O-Rings etc, Various Nut/Bolts/Washers to 2", Misc bearings and Inventory




STEEL Inventory


Assorted Rnd Bar Inventory in racks, Assorted Plate stock 3/16th to 2" MS, Key stock Inventory, Shelby Tubing Inventory, Bronze Roto-Cast & Alum-Bronze Inventory, Plastic's Tubing and Sheet Inventory


* Note - 7.5HP Air Compressor is included in the current building lease - Triple Net



Office Inventory


Shop Phones & PA System


3 Phone System c/w Rauland PA System to Shop




Sharp FAX Machine


Fax Machine c/w paper inventory




MUTOH Drafting Board


Drafting table 3 x 5, Japanese drafting Mechanism c/w paper inventory to 24' x 36" Sheets in steel cabinet/stand




Xerox Photo Copier


Copies to 11 x 17, 200% enlarge, sorter option, 3 paper trays c/w spares inventory of powders and masters (requires repair)




TOSHIBA Calculator


Printing desk top Calculator




HP Computer


Computer C/W Math co-processor, graphics adapter card, 20 & 30 Meg hard drives, expanded keyboard , Accpac Accounting software (Simply)




Calcomp Pen Plotter

DesignMate 2436

24" x 36" Sheet capacity, 8 Pen Paper/Mylar Plotter c/w Cables, Sheet inventory and Pen spares




Roland Printer


120 cps printer, C/W tractor/friction feed used for multipart Invoice forms and Statements




HP Printer


Color Ink Jet Printer




Company Stationary


CR Industrial Machine Works Ltd printed stationary - Invoicing, Letter Head, Envelope, photo copier paper etc - office inventory




STEELCASE DESKS (2 of office)


Computer Side Bars, laminated wood grain steel desks, locking drawers and filling section C/W swivel chairs




PUNDRA File Cabinets (2 of)


Heavy duty 4 drawer deep file cabinets with locks - (black)




STEEL DESK (Lunch Room)


Heavy Duty Steel desk - laminated wood grain top c/w Lunchroom inventory, Microwave, Coffee Maker etc.